5 Pro Tips For Roller Champions

2022-09-10 05:12:05 By : Mr. Jason Ma

Looking to become a seasoned Roller Champions player? Here are some tips to upgrade your skill to the pro level.

Ubisoft has made games for all sorts of players, with everyone in mind, from racers to shooters. The game company likes to include different types of players in their worlds when making games. However, the game developer has had issues with making games stagnate like Assassin's Creed, because of the same formula. So when hidden gems like Roller Champions come out, players are surprised about out there the game can be.

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Roller Champion is Ubisoft's take on the roller derby scene, with players skating in a circle to score points, all while not getting tackled. This type of sport works as a video game, and Ubisoft has shown that can handle this type of game. Being one of the many games that Ubisoft has put out in the current year, players should certainly try it out, as Roller Champions is a unique game. The best part about Roller Champions is that it's rather easy to get into, so players can pick up the elements quickly. However, there are not many games like Roller Champions, so players will need to learn the unique gameplay. So these are the best tips for players who want to go pro.

Roller Champions is about both the offense and defense, but the defense is easier to be on since it's just players trying to stop the attacking team from scoring. Tackling works best for both offensive and defensive plays. If players are the ones with the ball, their teammates can protect them by tackling the opposing team's players. For defense, this can change the match for Roller Champions, because as soon as a player is tackled, the ball is dropped, allowing any player to come and grab it.

Since Roller Champions features full crossplay, meaning players from one platform can play with players on a different one, in turn, there's a wider net. So, PCplayers will have an easier time tackling than playing on consoles. But, it's not enough to hinder gameplay for console players. However, the opposing team may create a line on the other side of the circle, this would cause the ball holder to be tackled easily. But, if a player on the player's team tackles the line first, this allows the ball holder to get past the line easier.

This is crucial in Roller Champions because it allows the ball to advance easier with players losing steam. It also lowers the chance for any player on the offense to be tackled, allowing them to either score or bank points more often. However, passing in most sports games is quite easy, but in Roller Champions, it takes time to learn. Passing in Roller Champions is all about timing, and about making sure the player that'll get the ball is well-positioned. Because if they are, then the player will have more options, and in turn, forces the opposing team to act in a panic.

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Plus, if players keep on passing, the opposing team will always be moving for the ball, allowing the offensive team to get around more. This makes scoring rather easy because players will be throwing the ball up at a teammate. Which in turn, makes it harder for the opposing team to get the ball. Passing just makes it that everyone is doing something for the points.

What makes Roller Champions one of the best free-to-play games in May, is how fluid it becomes after the first few minutes. The game gives players many ways to do this, like tacking, and jumping on the slopes, everything allows the player to get a little faster. Jumping in general doesn't do much for players in terms of impacting other players, but rather, it helps them get their speed up. Like getting a jump of a slope right before upper cutting an opposing player, gives the attacking player a mini speed boost.

In a game like Roller Champions, speed is more crucial than most other aspects of the game. On defense, players can use their speed to circle the field more often, and on offense, they can tackle quicker. The momentum allows players to cover more ground, by doing less, and this makes them more of a threat. Plus, if players are ball holders, keeping a distance away from the opposing team matters more since they can also get a speed boost.

This is one of the main aspects of the game, and when mixed with the other tips featured on this list, players will be able to keep the ball longer. Holding on to the ball allows the player's team to score or bank points, which will help them during later parts of the match.

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Roller Champions still needs work, however, when players understand the game and see how exciting it can become when their team is in control, it becomes fun. The player who has the ball can control the match, but at the same time becomes more stressful. Since other players will be chasing the ball holder, it makes the game more enjoyable and in turn, more competitive. Holding and controlling the ball as soon as players can help the course of the match. Because now the opposing team will need to play catch up, provided players have banked enough points.

Even though players are still in the early days of Roller Champions, and with calls for more content, players can still find a lot of potential in the free-to-play title. Like gaming changing elements such as when players bank points. Much like ball possession that can make the game more exciting for the ball holder, banking points act just like that. Points are just as important as holding on to the ball because players need one to do the other.

Banking points can be done when players do laps uninterrupted around the circle. So in the late game, when one team is down on points, they can score, provided they've held on to the points and jump up potentially beating the other team. This can make late-game rather exciting because the opposing team will need to tackle the ball holder before they can score. Because when players are tackled, the points reset, and then players will have to retry. This allows players who are scoring to be more strategic, and the defensive players to become more aggressive because they need to reset the counter. In turn, late-game can be really fun and unpredictable.

Roller Champions is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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