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GridOto.com - Bolt tightness is important to note.This is to keep the bolts from picking and for the engine to tighten evenly.Each bolt has a different size of tightness.This depends on the size of the bolt itself.The larger the bolt size, the greater the tightness number.Ryan/GridOto.com tighten the bolts using a torque wrench(Also Read: Eid Homecoming Using a White Car, Here Are Tips for Caring for the Paint)Then how to know how tight the bolt is?Well, to find out actually almost all bolts have markings."If you look at the bolts that have code numbers written on their heads, such as 8, or 10, it is the diameter of the thread of the bolt. So for bolts that have the number 8, it means that the level of tightness reaches 9.8 Nm or 7.2 lbf.ft," said Sugiyanto as the owner. Auto Clinic workshop which is located at Harapan Indah, Bekasi.You can subscribe to the OTOMOTIF Tabloid via www.gridstore.id.Or the electronic version (e-Magz) which can be accessed online at: ebooks.gramedia.com, myedisi.com or magazines.idBeauty Date |Bobo |Bolanas |Bolasport |BallStylo |Very Girl |Fotokita |Grid Fame |Grid Games |Grid Health |Hot Grid |Motorcycle Grid |Grid Pop |Star Grid |Grid.ID |Gridoto |Hi |Hits |Hype |iDEA |Computer Info |Abstract |Jip.co.id |Champion |Kids |Kitchenesia |MakeMac |Motorplus |Nakita |National Geographic |Nextren |Nova |Otofemale |Otomania.com |Otomotifnet.com |Autorace |Autosecond |Delicious Food |Figure |Sportfeat |Style |Flare |Superball |Videos |Weekend |Gridvoice |Gridvoice |GRID Story Factory |Gramedia.com |Gramedia Digital |KG Media