Shantui Komat Sem Shehwa Bulldozer Track Roller Parts (W44016000 W44017000 W44018000

                      SHANTUI KO MAT U CAT SHEHWA under carrier1: alloy and carbon material for choice2: HRC reach 553: big stock for quick shipment4: over sea service5:  fit the following machineKOMA U: D31, D50, D60, D65, D85-18, D85-21, D155, D275, D355-3SHANTUI: SD0

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                      SHANTUI KO MAT U CAT SHEHWA under carrier
1: alloy and carbon material for choice
2: HRC reach 55
3: big stock for quick shipment
4: over sea service
5:  fit the following machine
KOMA U: D31, D50, D60, D65, D85-18, D85-21, D155, D275, D355-3
SHANTUI: SD08, SD11, SD13, SD16, SD22, SD23, SD32, SD42,
TY130 TY160 TY220 TY230 TY320 SP100Y, SP70Y, SP45Y, SP25Y
HBXG (SHEHWA): T140 T165 TY165, TY165-2, TYS165, SD6G, SD7 SD8 SD9
DAIFENG (pipe layer): DGY15, DGY20, DGY25, DGY40, DGY55, DGY70, DGY90, QUY16, QUY25
PENGPU: PD120, PD140, PD165, PD185, PD220, PD320, PD410
ZOOMLION: ZD160, ZD220 ZD230, ZD320
CATERPILLAR: D3 D4 D5 D6D, D7G, D8K, D9, D10N,
LIUGONG: B160 B230 B320

 8260RA-41161    Track Shoes ass'y (610mm)
8260RA-41000    Track Link ass'y (41L)
31Y-40-21000    Track roller ass'y S.
31Y-40-22000     Track roller ass'y D.
31Y-40-07000    Carrier roller ass'y
31Y-40-03000    Idler ass'y
8228MC-411561    Track Shoes ass'y (560mm) 
8228MC-411562    Track Shoes ass'y (560mm)
8228MC-41000    Track Link ass'y (41L)
175-30-00486    Track roller ass'y S.
175-30-00496    Track roller ass'y D.
175-30-00513    Carrier roller ass'y
175-30-00572    Idler ass'y 
VD32A30700100    Recoiling ass'y
8216MM-45491    Track Shoes ass'y (910mm 45L) 
8216MG-41161    Track Shoes ass'y (610mm 41L)
8216MG-41166    Track Shoes ass'y (660mm 41L)
8216MG-38156    "Track Shoes ass'y (38L,560mm)"
8216MM-45000    Track Link ass'y (45L)
8216MG-41000    Track Link ass'y (41L)
8216MG-38000    Track Link ass'y (38L)
155-30-00124    Track roller ass'y S.
155-30-00114    Track roller ass'y D.
155-30-00234    Carrier roller
154-30-00291    Idler 
VD22A40700100    Recoiling ass'y
8216MM-45491    Track Shoes ass'y (910mm 45L) 
8216MG-41156    Track Shoes ass'y (560mm 41L)
8216MG-41166    Track Shoes ass'y (660mm 41L)
8216MG-39156    Track Shoes ass'y (560mm 39L)
8216MM-45000    Track Link ass'y (45L)
8216MG-41000    Track Link ass'y (41L)
8216MG-39000    Track Link ass'y (39L)
155-30-00124    Track roller ass'y S.
155-30-00114    Track roller ass'y D.
155-30-00234    Carrier roller ass'y
154-30-00770    Idler ass'y
VD23A30700100    Recoiling ass'y
8203MM-42411    Track Shoes ass'y (1100mm 42L) 
8203MM-42495    Track Shoes ass'y (950mm 42L) 
8203MJ-42166    Track Shoes ass'y (660mm 42L) 
8203MJ-39156    Track Shoes ass'y (560mm 39L) 
8203MJ-37151    Track Shoes ass'y (510mm 37L) 
8203MM-42000    Track Link ass'y (42L)
8203MJ-42000    Track Link ass'y (42L)
8203MJ-39000    Track Link ass'y (39L)
8203MJ-37000    Track Link ass'y (37L)
16Y-40-09000    Track roller ass'y S.
16Y-40-10000    Track roller ass'y D.
16Y-40-06000    Carrier roller ass'y
16Y-40-03000    Idler ass'y
VD16A40700100    Recoiling ass'y
8190ML-38470    Track Shoes ass'y (470mm 38L) 
8190ML-38146    Track Shoes ass'y (460mm 38L) 
8190ML-38000    Track Link ass'y (38L)
10Y-40-10000    Track roller ass'y S.
10Y-40-11000    Track roller ass'y D.
10Y-40-07000    Carrier roller ass'y
10Y-40-03000    Idler ass'y 
VD13A40700100    Recoiling ass'y
600-815-9360    HEATER
07030-00252    BREATHER
6211-31-1010    CRANKSHAFT ASS'Y
6210-21-8000    METAL ASS'Y
6210-29-8010    "MAIN METAL ASS'Y 0,25"
6210-21-8050    THRUST METAL ASS'Y STD
6210-28-8010    "MAIN METAL ASS'Y 0,50"
6211-31-2050    PISTON RING ASS'Y
04065-05220    "RING,SNAP"
6211-31-2410    "PIN,PISTON"
6211-32-2130    PISTON
6210-32-3040    METAL ASS'Y
6210-39-3042    "METAL ASS'Y 0,25"
6210-38-3042    "METAL ASS'Y 0,50"
6210-31-3310    BOLT
6211-31-3140    BUSHING
6211-31-3100    CONNECTING ROD ASS'Y
6210-49-5520    BUSHING
6210-41-5421    BUSHING
6210-41-3120    "ROD,PUSH"
6210-41-2400    SHAFT ASS'Y
6210-41-2320    LEVER ASS'Y
6212-51-1002    OIL PUMP ASS'Y
6210-51-5550    VALVE
6210-51-5560    SPRING
6210-51-5580    O-RING
07000-73032    O-RING
07000-72018    O-RING
6218-61-2610    THERMOSTAT
6210-61-2160    SPRING
6218-61-2620    COLLAR
6150-61-2151    PLATE
6212-72-1720    TUBE
DK016650-2230    BEARING
DK035302-0600    BEARING
DK139634-0300    "SEAL,OIL"
DK139766-0100    O-RING
DK134306-1000    "BEARING,CENTER"
DK134306-1100    "BEARING,CENTER"
DK134314-0700    SHIM¤ 0.10MM
DK134314-0800    SHIM¤ 0.12MM
DK134314-0900    SHIM¤ 0.14MM
DK026524-2940    GASKET
DK134168-1920    PLUNGER BLOCK A.
DK139400-0900    SHIM¤ 0.500MM
DK139400-6800    SHIM¤ 1.975MM
DK139400-6700    SHIM¤ 1.950MM
DK139400-6600    SHIM¤ 1.925MM
DK139400-1000    SHIM¤ 0.525MM
DK139400-6500    SHIM¤ 1.900MM
DK139400-6400    SHIM¤ 1.875MM
DK134215-0800    SPRING
DK134222-0000    BUSHING
DK134001-0000    BUSHING
DK134200-0820    TAPPET ASS'Y
DK134200-0720    TAPPET ASS'Y
DK154154-3900    SPRING
DK139410-3200    SHIM¤ 4.00MM
DK139410-3100    SHIM¤ 3.00MM
DK139410-3000    SHIM¤ 2.00MM
DK154413-2600    GASKET
DK154400-7820    DIAPHRAGM
DK029621-1070    "SEAL,OIL"
DK029631-6110    O-RING
DK139718-0000    O-RING
DK156605-4320    PLATE
DK105237-1621    FEED PUMP ASS'Y
6212-72-5610    TUBE
6211-71-5710    TUBE
6212-72-5440    TUBE
07095-30318    CUSHION
6212-72-5430    TUBE
6211-71-5341    TUBE
6212-12-3200    NOZZLE HOLDER ASS'Y
6211-72-5810    TUBE
6212-61-1220    IMPELLER
6212-61-1322    SHAFT
06030-06306    "BEARING,BALL"
06000-06305    "BEARING,BALL"
600-421-6630    THERMOSTAT
6210-11-6521    TUBE
6212-62-8620    TUBE
6212-62-8610    TUBE
6151-61-1310    SHAFT
6150-61-1210    IMPELLER
6124-61-1242    SEAL¤ WATER
6150-61-1510    SEAL
06300-06304    BEARING
6218-61-1660    BUSHING
6212-52-5450    TUBE
600-736-9680    V-BELT SET
6212-K2-9902    "GASKET KIT,CYLINDER "
6212-K6-9902    "GASKET KIT,WATER PUMP"
11088052    bush
11093772    bush
11093773    bush
11093775    bush
11093776    bush
11108496    bush
11116402    bush
11148006    bush
11177369    bush
11708845    bush
11709409    bush
11709910    bush
11716796    bush
11883768    bush
11883802    bush
11884582    bush
11884714    bush
11988148    bush
11988255    bush
14515335    bush
14517942    bush
14517949    bush
14552308    bush
14570425    bush
14571194    bush
14880981    bush
14880985    bush
15093052    bush
4850208    bush
4881628    bush
4941233    bush

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