Metal Shell Roller Type Electrical Limit Switch (CSA-031)

    Features                           -Strong metal outer shell, swing arm max. 95                           -Long life (20, 000, 000 mechanical operations&

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                           -Strong metal outer shell, swing arm max. 95
                           -Long life (20, 000, 000 mechanical operations)
                           -Stainless steel idler wheel, punch and spring
                           -Selective PG11 cable gland

Operating forceOF Max.800g800g800g400g-cm400g-cm150g150g150g
Release forceRF Min.400g400g400g100g-cm100g-cm50g50g50g
Pre-travelPT Max.1.8mm1.8mm1.8mm20 º20 º30mm30mm30mm
Travel positionTP ± 10%2.0mm2.0mm2.0mm22.5 º22.5 º22.5 º22.5 º22.5 º
Movement differentialMD Max.1.2mm1.2mm1.2mm10 º10 º14 º14 º14 º
Over travelOT Min.4.0mm4.0mm4.0mm75 º75 º20mm20mm20mm
Total travelTT Min.5.8mm5.8mm5.8mm95 º95 º50mm50mm50mm
Rotary indexing    22.5 º22.5 º   
Double Break MechanismINO+INC Force Break snap action
Rated Voltage/Current10(4)A, 125, 250VAC/6(2)A, 380VAC For inductance Load, CosØ =0.4
Contact Resistance25mΩ max. (initial value)
Insulation Resistance100mΩ min. (at 500VDC)
Dielectric Strength1000VAC, 50/60 HZ for 1 minute between terminals of the same polarity
1500VAC, 50/60 HZ for 1 minute between current-carrying and non-current-carrying metal parts
1500VAC, 50/60 HZ for 1 minute between each terminal and ground
Electrical Life500,000 at 10A 250VAC Resistive
Mechanical Life10, 000, 000 operations min. (under rated conditions)
Operating Speed5mm/s to 0.5m/s
Degree of ProtectionIP65
Ambient Temperature RisedMax 30ºC over ambient temperature at rated voltage/current
Conformed StandardsCenelec EN 50041, EN 50047, IEC 337-1, VDE 0660
Operating Temperature-5ºC ~+65ºC (with no icing)
Storage Temperature-5ºC ~+65ºC (with no icing)
Ambient Operating Humidity95 RH Max.
Shock ResistanceMechanical durable: 1000m/s2 min.
Malfunction: 300m/s2 min.
Vibration FrequencyMalfunction: 10 to 55HZ, 1.5mm double amplitude
Terminal Screw Torsional Force6-8 kgf-cm
Other Screw Torsional ForceCover 12-14 kgf-cm/Head 8-9 kgf-cm/Mounting 50-60 kgf/cm
Bare Wire DiameterØ2 Max
Cable DiameterØ12 Max(IP 65 if use cable 8-9)
Operating characteristics

OF Max.750g750g750g900g900g150g
RF Min.100g100g100g150g150g-
PT Max.20º20 º20 º1.5mm1.5mm30mm
OT Min.50 º50 º50 º4mm4mm-
MD Max.12 º12 º12 º1mm1mm-
OP---26 ± 0.8mm37 ± 0.8mm-

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