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2022-05-10 09:08:43 By : Ms. Jocelyn Zhang

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CARBONDALE, Pa. — Demolition is finally underway on an old school in Lackawanna County.

Crews began tearing down the former St. Rose/Sacred Heart High School in Carbondale Thursday morning.

The school along Church Street has been empty since closing in 2005.

Brick by brick, heavy equipment knocked down parts of the four-story structure that has stood tall along Church Street in Carbondale since 1950. It's a slow and careful process because of how close other buildings are to it.

Christine Elder stopped to watch the demolition.

"Yeah, safety is big. It's so close to everything else, but it seems like it's right on track. It's going to be the best show in town here."

The action drew many people out on this sunny day, including Piper Arthur. She said when she heard the noise of the machines, she had to see for herself and wasn't surprised others were doing the same.

"There was a lot of people like they were driving by, coming around and everything, and they were all just looking because I feel like a lot of people that went to school here, they're going to feel upset about it."

John Corachilo went to school here from 1962 to 1964 and remembered his school days like they were yesterday.

"A lot of good, a lot of good memories there. A lot of dances, they're swimming. It's a shame. They even had roller skating back in the days. You'd rent the roller skates that were 50 cents to rent the roller skates, and you skated on the basketball floor."

He and others were saddened to hear that the building was being torn down and hoped for a different outcome.

"You think there would have been an investor somewhere to make apartments? Look how big the rooms are. I mean, you got a beautiful building over there. the same thing with smaller rooms, but it's progress, I guess."

There is no word on what is planned for the property.

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