Bobcat expands its R2-Series with versatile new E88 compact excavator - Equipment Journal

2022-05-10 09:01:19 By : Ms. SPRSUN GZ

Bobcat Company’s new E88 excavator boasts an operating weight of 8,890 kg (19,600 lb), making it their largest, most stable, compact excavator.

“We are excited to welcome the E88 to the world-class Bobcat excavator lineup. The new model is designed for performance, ruggedness and operator convenience,” said Mike Wetzel, director of Product Management at Doosan Bobcat North America.

Bobcat Company backs up these claims with increased stability, an enhanced cab and a multi-purpose angle-blade option.

A 14 percent increase in over-the-side lift capacity, when compared to the previous generation, gives the operator more confidence in their lifts when in more compromised positions.

An improved track design increases the overall life of the tracks, offering extended traction reliability.

The E88’s extended distance from sprocket to idler keeps the improved tracks on the ground, making sure that the excavator is stable, while reducing sensations of wobbling or shaking.

Operators are easily able to toggle between ISO and standard controls by using the control pattern selector underneath their seat, cutting down on repetitive rising and sitting or strenuous reaching or contorting.

The optional automatic climate control and high-back, heated seat with headrest can create an extremely comfortable environment for the operator, no matter the conditions.

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Backfilling and grading with an excavator can be painstaking tasks due to limited and slow maneuverability. However, the R2-Series E88 offers an option that can make this process much more efficient. The angle-blade option cuts down on windrows by allowing the operator to change the angle of the blade by 25 degrees in either direction.

Also, this angle-blade option adds another point to the already expansive list of stability-promoting features of the E88. The angle of the blade can be changed in order to stabilize the excavator upon uneven surface and terrain, allowing the operator to perform tasks like trenching from an angle.