Roller Champions: Tips & Tricks for New Players

2022-06-19 00:43:07 By : Ms. Jojo Zhu

Dominating the rink in Roller Champions may seem out of reach, but here are a few tricks that will help new players take rank.

Roller Champions is a free-to-play three-versus-three sports game developed by Ubisoft. It is a simple skating game where players race around the rink to throw the ball into the goals. The game starts with six players gathered at the starting line. One grabs the ball and makes a mad dash around the rink to pass four gates, which triggers the goals to bust wide open. This seems simple enough, but below the surface, there is an in-depth tactical edge that's sure to keeps players wanting more.

Team members need to work on their aim quickly, as the other team will come at them with a vengeance. The more laps completed before a goal is scored, the more points added to the board. To take part in the winners circle, players must earn five points. While this may sound easy, some players may have a difficult time getting the mechanics down. Here are some tips for players wanting to make the most of their experience and start on the right track.

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Staying in possession of the ball is vital and should be the player's main focus. If the ball is dropped, players need to be quick to grab it before the opposing team does. If anyone on the opposing team intercepts the ball, the goal count will be lost and the lap score will reset. This is the time to tackle opponents in an attempt to regain control. Players have the ability to fake out opponents on the field. Players must plan their jukes carefully to dodge oncoming attackers. Keeping control of the ball for the first minute of the game is important to lock in a win.

The opposing team may come from all angles to intercept the ball, so players need to take on an aggressive strategy to keep the ball away from enemy hands. Remember that players can also go backwards. If the opposing team seems out of reach, try flipping around and meeting them the other way. This is a great way for players to defend the ball carrier.

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Keeping up with other players and maintaining speed is one of the most important parts of Roller Champions. The walls within the arena are called slopes. Players can use these to gain momentum on the way up, then pump their way down to take the lead. Utilizing a zigzag pattern while skating can make it harder for the opponent to make a tackle, which is something players will want to do as often as possible. This will slow the opposing team down and cause them to drop the ball.

The most helpful feature Roller Champions provides is a practice area for players to ramp up their abilities. New players should practice and master jumps, jukes, dives, and double jumps to have the advantage during their next match. The game also offers Quick Matches. During these, players are paired up with people of their skill level to make for a laid-back gaming experience. These two match types are to help players hone their skills and reach Champion within the ranking system.

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As players climb the ranks, passing the ball will become more important for keeping it out of the opposing team's clutches. If the enemy is going for the ball carrier, players need to make their way ahead of the foe. This allows the current carrier to pass the ball away from the opponent. If the enemy is ahead of the carrier, passing from behind may be the safer option.

If players make five laps around the rink before scoring a goal, it is an instant win. This is not an easy task to accomplish, but going for laps instead of goals can make the difference between a win and a loss. Players need to ensure the opposing team does not gain control of the ball while they attempt to make five laps. This is where passing becomes extremely important. Staying ahead and using teamwork is key to making those five laps successfully.

As with any sports game, nothing will come to the players with ease. Exploring different jumps, dives, and jukes are key aspects of growth within the game. However, using these tips, players may find it easier to dominate in the rink and feel confident battling stronger opponents.

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