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2022-05-10 09:09:49 By : Ms. Mary Huang

W hen you think of drive chain components, you will think about some big-name brands. You might think Chain and Sprockets. Maybe even aluminium vs steel, or should I get mud grooves. I bet you don’t think MTX sprockets or XAM Chains. You probably should.

These two brands are making an impact in the Australian and New Zealand markets for off-road bikes. With a great range of products not only that cover a wide range (pretty well anything you ride) of bikes. But a nice range of materials and features across the different product lines for each bike.

AlwaysMoto has been spinning laps on laps over the past few weeks on a few of the available options from MTX and XAM across two bikes. The RM125 got fitted up with the OEM replacement front sprocket, and an MTX Zero rear sprocket that features Mud grooves and lightweight 7075-T6 aluminium.

The KTM 300 got the MTX hornet front sprocket which is a lightened steel front sprocket. Along with an Orange MTX Zero rear sprocket.

Now gearing options was not the focus here but in these models, I was able to go from a 45 tooth rear to a 52 tooth. On the front sprockets, I was able to go from 12Tooth to 15tooth in the Hornet and 11 to 15tooth for the Suzuki across the OE and Hornet ranges. So basically plenty of options for all applications and riding types.

The XAM Chains also have a nice range to select from depending on your bike and riding conditions. The Suzuki got the non-sealed Gold 520 chain. The KTM got the X-Ring 520 gold chain. But a heavy-duty option is available and different combinations of gold, black and silver colour options also to change the look of your ride.

What should you expect from these parts when in use correctly? 

Did the MTX sprockets and XAM Chains provide this?

Easily would be the simple response. Products in this area should be almost a set and forget to some degree. Yes, you should regularly check the chain tension but you should not have to adjust it every ride. (If you are, you are doing something wrong or your chain has expired).

These MTX Sprockets and XAM chains did exactly what I would want them to do. Keep going around. Look good. Chain not to stretch excessively on the first ride. Did I say look good? They do look good with the deep colours of the anodised aluminium for the rear sprockets and the Gold chains just look sweet. I can’t comment on a full life span yet as they are still in use but at this stage with a split of riding time on each bike lately, they look in good condition and nowhere near a replacement point.

The price on these guys is also a nice surprise for the level of quality product you are getting. Cost below for each option used in this inspection..

Some Specs on the MTX Zero Sprockets

CNC machined from aviation grade 7075-T6 alloy the MTX Zero Alloy rear sprockets are your go-to option for the lightest possible sprocket solution. Constructed with self-cleaning mud grooves to increase the life of both your chain and sprocket. Computer designed weight reduction holes make the MTX Zero 66% lighter than the steel equivalent (model dependent) while maintaining maximum strength and durability. The anodised finish provides a factory look while preventing additional wear to the sprocket.

MTX Hornet front sprockets are a lightweight performance alternative to OEM sprockets. Featuring self-cleaning mud grooves between the teeth for extended chain and sprocket life, with lightening holes to reduce rotational mass the Raptor series is designed for champions. CNC machined from case-hardened Chromoly steel and fully heat-treated for maximum strength and durability.

XAM chains are manufactured by one of the worlds leading chain makers utilising unsurpassed Japanese technology. X.A.M chains are constructed from hi-carbon alloy steel for excellent strength and durability.

XAM chains are available in many different “series” that include heavy-duty, o-ring and x-ring designs with gold models available. Sizes are available from 415-530 in multiple lengths for a quick and easy installation with no cutting or riveting required.

For more information on these products please head to or ask your local dealer to order them in for your specific bike.