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2022-05-14 23:58:17 By : Ms. Alice wong

Very few motorcycles have had the successful run the XR650L has enjoyed. This workhorse from Honda has proven its reliability for three decades now, continuing to be a popular choice among dual sport riders and considered one of the most iconic dual sport bikes by many. While the XR line has basked in the glory of several Baja victories over the years, not much has changed in the spec sheet since the XR650L was first introduced. But as the saying goes, why fix what isn’t broken? 

Diehard fans of the model will attest to its ruggedness, simplicity and reliable nature of its 644cc air-cooled engine, steel frame and long-travel suspension. Roomy enough to carry a passenger, riders also appreciate the convenience of its electric start and go-anywhere capablity. 

And while the 2022 XR650L is still the same tried-and-true machine, for the new year Honda is giving the popular dual sport a styling facelift. White-on-white bodywork gives the 2022 model a fresh look and the big XR throwback tank graphic pays tribute to its heritage. The styling package is completed with black rims that match the black seat, tool bag, and fork gaiters.

The 2022 XR650L will start hitting dealer floors in April with an MSRP of $6,999 USD. 

Boy I can’t wait to be the first one to tell my friends.

The R would have been a better update-estart, street legal, let it go at that(maybe FI). Best all around bike ever made!

Did Honda fix the upper engine problems? No oil cooling, not so good upper engine lubrication,rapid wear of the cam, valve lift mechanism and finger followers?

I mean it wasn’t all bad, it will last a while, however hardly deserves the moniker “bulletproof” the upper engine of my 1988 650 NX was all worn out after ~ 25K miles ( and no off-road…) Highlighting the shortcomings of this air cooled “only” design…..

Why no Fuel Injection ? Would not affect price by much, and a 6th speed for highway jaunts ? Might as well grab a Suzuki DR 650 for 1/2 the cost !!!

I love my 09, still going strong at 9500 miles 1 new battery,1 tune up and 2 oil changes. That’s it. I have 9 other bikes and it and the CRF230 are the most dependable lowest maintenance easy to ride anywhere bikes I own. 1190R is great but expensive to maintain. RMZ450 is a blast and a wheelie monster but I have problems with the brakes and wheel bearings.

It’s definitely a good looking bike, but even the smallest attempt to modernize this dinosaur would have been well received.

Owned a 2014 model. Really wanted to love it but just could not. Gearing is bad, 1st too tall and 5th too short. So sadly sprocket gearing cannot fix this. Furthermore too tall and top heavy. Fuel tank too small. Eventually traded it on a BMW G650GS.

No fuel injection?? I’m out

This bike has been grand fathered thru the EPA emissions regulations, meaning it cannot change in any way or it will have to undergo emissions testing. This is why the older model carburetor bikes have not changed in years. Better to have the model the way it is than have it discontinued.

I can’t buy one in my country. Regret selling my XL600. This 650 would be really awesome.

I wonder if honda knows there is like 30 years of inventory of slightly used xr650ls on craigslist for sale at a deep discount?

*******! You can’t find any model dual sport anywhere for sale…especially at $7000….once in a great while someone on Craigslist will post a crappy bike…sells that day! With gas prices at 6 to 7 $/gallon! Furthermore who took care of the bikes you say are out there…non mechanics? Statement like yours hold no water whatsoever! You want a Husky…or a KTM …go ahead $15000!

Having had them all , you get what you pay for.

Who is even still buying these? I haven’t seen a new one in years.

These days dual sport riders all seem to want lighter, more modern small-displacement bikes, and people who want single-cylinder ADV bikes mostly go for a KLR, which can go a hell of a lot farther on a tank of gas, or a KTM 690 Enduro, which makes almost twice the power while weighing less than the XR.

It’s time for Honda to put this bike to bed and develop something new and modern. Who in their right mind is still spending $7000 on a 30-year-old bike with archaic suspension, terrible fueling from the factory to meet emissions (which most owners immediately fix by uncorking it), and a motor that doesn’t stack up to modern reliability expectations (top-end oiling issues and 4000-mile valve adjustments)?

I actually wondered for a moment whether this post was an April Fool’s joke…!

You guys are reaching for relevance… A story on Bold New Graphics? Really??

Looks so much better! Love the new all-black rims!

Please bring the XR back to Australia

Absolutely. I love them. Maintained properly they get good life and motor is real world power. Not revvy like most Adventure bikes. I prefer to call them big dirties you can ride on the road. And I own a 701 !!!

It’s an okay bike but the cost is ridiculous. I think Honda is using the profits to finance another project.

The first thing that a lot of owners do is get a desert tank. Why they don’t make that single improvement is beyond me, and suspect many other as well. I do like the new graphics and color. Just disappointed in not changing this single “want” from so many riders.

Its odd that this is not for sale in Canada. I could see this selling well in Canada. I guess Honda is happy to let Kawasaki and Suzuki take these sales

Surely reading that features description is a bit of an April Fools joke. This thing is a dinosaur, albeit a serviceable bike. Honda should be embarrassed to keep flogging this thing after so much time instead of putting in some actual effort to develop a better off-road version of something like the CB500X.

Sorry that look isn’t fresh or new. Maybe in 1985.

No fuel injection, count me out .

147 kg. Its in the specs above

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