Lpr-M806 M806 Original Fusing Press Roller/Lower Fusing Roller

Product DescriptionLPR-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller SpecificationsPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:40 PCS in one standard carton                        One Carton Dimention: CM&nb

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Product Description
LPR-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller 

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:40 PCS in one standard carton 
                       One Carton Dimention: CM  
                       One Carton Gross Weight: KG
Delivery Detail:Based on your order amount
Product Description:
Warranty: 100 Days
Reliable Performance and Consistently Great Results
Competitive Price, Sourced Directly from Factory

Lpr-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller /Lower Fuser Roller
Lpr-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller /Lower Fuser Roller
Lpr-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller /Lower Fuser Roller

Lpr-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller /Lower Fuser Roller
Lpr-M806 M806 Original Fuser Pressure Roller /Lower Fuser Roller
Company information:
Guangzhou Jinghui is the top supplier of printer parts for more than 10 years, our factory is in Guangzhou, China,  mainly supply Fuser Assembly, Maintenance Kits, Formatter board, Transfer kits, Fuser Film Sleeve , Upper fuser roller, Pressure roller, Pickup roller& Separation Pad, Gears, Power board, Bushing etc..
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We are the biggest Fuser and Maintenance Kit supplier in China. We can supply all series fuser assembly and Maintenance Kit. See belowed MK list first: 
Top Sell Maintenance Kit List 
ItemModelProduct NamePart No
1 2100Maintenance Kit 110V H3974-60001
2 2100Maintenance Kit 220V H3974-60002
3 2200Maintenance Kit 110V H3978-60001
4 2200Maintenance Kit 220V H3978-60002
5 2300Maintenance Kit 110V U6180-60001
6 2300Maintenance Kit 220V U6180-60002
7 P3015/3015DNMaintenance Kit  110V  CE525-67901
8 P3015/3015DNMaintenance Kit  220V  CE525-67902
9 4000/4050Maintenance Kit 110V C4118-69001
10 4000/4050Maintenance Kit 220V C4118-69002
11 4100Maintenance Kit 110V C8057-67903
12 4100Maintenance Kit 220V C8058-67903
13 4200Maintenance Kit 110V Q2429A 
14 4200Maintenance Kit 220V Q2430A
15 4300Maintenance Kit 110V Q2436A
16 4300Maintenance Kit 220V Q2437A
17 4250/4350Maintenance Kit 110VQ5421A
18 4250/4350Maintenance Kit 220VQ5422A
19 P4014N/P4015N/P4515NMaintenance Kit  110VCB388A
20 P4014N/P4015N/P4515NMaintenance Kit  220VCB389A
21 4345MFP/M4345MFPMaintenance Kit  110VQ5998A
22 4345MFP/M4345MFPMaintenance Kit  220VQ5999A
23  M4555 MFPMaintenance Kit 110VCE731A
24  M4555 MFPMaintenance Kit  220VCE732A
25 5000Maintenance Kit 110V C4110-67901
26 5000Maintenance Kit 220V C4110-67902
27 5100Maintenance Kit 110V Q1860-69002
28 5100Maintenance Kit 220V Q1860-69023
29 5200Maintenance Kit 110V Q7543-67909
30 5200Maintenance Kit 220V Q7543-67910
31 M5035/5025MFPMaintenance Kit 110V Q7832A
32 M5035/5025MFPMaintenance Kit 220V Q7833A
33 8100/8150Maintenance Kit 110VC3914-67902
34 8100/8150Maintenance Kit 220VC3915-67902
35 9000/9040/9050Maintenance Kit 110VC9152A
36 9000/9040/9050Maintenance Kit 220VC9153A
37 M601/M602/M603 Maintenance Kit 110VCF064A
38 M601/M602/M603 Maintenance Kit  220VCF065A

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