Volvo EC530E, Volvo EC550E Excavators | Construction Equipment

2022-05-14 23:54:07 By : Ms. Yuki Zhao

Volvo has added two 50-ton-class excavators to its lineup: Volvo EC530E with operating weights from 114,000 to 126,320 pounds and Volvo EC550E ranging from 118,410 to 127,870 pounds. Both operate with 456 horsepower engines. Maximum dig depth is 25 feet 8 inches for the EC530E and 25 feet 3 inches for the EC550E.

Both Volvo EC530E and Volvo EC550E excavators can match up with articulated dump trucks in the 30- to 40-ton class, according to the company.

The EC550E undercarriage has a long and wide lower frame, giving it extra stability when working with heavier loads. The undercarriage on the EC530E has the same transportation dimensions as the Volvo EC480E, a 48-ton excavator. Both machines’ boom and arm boast a larger pin size for added strength.

The electro hydraulics system contributes to a 25 percent improvement in fuel efficiency due to Independent Metering Valve Technology (IMVT) that uses intelligent electronic control for more precise operation and efficiency than a traditional mechanically coupled hydraulic system, Volvo says. Engine pump optimization lowers engine speed while maintaining power.

Creep mode allows for precise lift-and-carry work, and optional Comfort Drive Control helps reduce operator fatigue by allowing the excavator to be steered with joystick rollers instead of pedals.

Operators can also select functions like boom/swing and boom/travel priority, which enables one function to take the lead over another. The boom-down speed can also be adjusted, giving optimum control for tasks that require extra precision. New boom-and-arm bounce reduction technology lessens machine shock.

Optional Dig Assist machine control system is powered by Volvo Co-Pilot and designed to deliver excavation accuracy.

To increase uptime, hydraulic pilot lines have been removed, reducing the number of couplings needed. Maintenance time and costs are further reduced by the recent extension of Volvo engine oil change intervals to 1,000 hours when using Volvo VDS 4.5 oil.

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