Jimmy Korderas Names AEW Grand Slam Segment That Did Not Appeal To Him

2022-09-24 05:59:27 By : Ms. Carrie Lin

MJF shocked the wrestling world when he returned to AEW at All Out, revealing himself as the winner of the Casino Ladder Match in the Joker slot in the process. Since then, he has fallen into his old habits, causing chaos throughout the company, including at "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam" this past Wednesday, engaging in a heated exchange of words with Wheeler Yuta that inevitably turned physical. While speaking with Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas had some thoughts on the segment's execution.

"That was like night and day for me, you know? If you're going to have someone come out and challenge MJF on the microphone, there's very few people that could hang with him at all. Let's put it that way. He's that good on the mic," said Korderas. "But at the same time, Wheeler just got roasted, and you don't want that. Yes, he was in his hometown, and MJF was going to get cheered, but at the same time," Korderas added, "he's the master of getting them to turn as well.[Yuta] was just so overmatched in this situation. That segment did not appeal to me."

Maxwell Jacob Friedman interrupted Yuta to loud cheers during an interview with Tony Schiavone. MJF made the biting remark that Yuta would never get a reaction like that on his own to which Yuta responded by calling MJF "the king of the low-hanging fruit” and taking a few shots at his recent real-life engagement. MJF fired back by taking shots at the various members of Blackpool Combat Club, but his verbal jab at leader William Regal was a bridge too far; Yuta unleashed a slap to MJF's face as a result. MJF retaliated with a headbutt, and a brawl ensued.