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2022-05-10 09:07:59 By : Ms. caroline Huang

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☕ Good morning! It’s Google I/O week! We’re all expecting to hear about a Pixel Watch and a Pixel 6a, but who knows what else! Here’s what to expect. And, Paula Beaton will be guiding you through the week, I’ll be back Friday.

There’s a couple of leaks out of Motorola to start the week in tech, fresh from noted leaker Evan Blass.

The second big leak is a “unique rollable phone” codenamed Felix, though some caution that the device is under development, and “Motorola has not yet made a working prototype.”

🔨 MIUI has some annoying issues: Here’s how to fix them (Android Authority).

🧱 It’s 2022, phones should be built to last five years or more: Throw-away smartphones are unforgivable (Android Authority).

💲 The EU could start enforcing rules to regulate Big Tech in spring 2023 (TechCrunch).

🎁 Our ol’ buddy Adam Doud had a Pixel 6A case delivered to him, he says, before there’s an official Pixel 6a! (Digital Trends).

🍎 ICYMI: Apple’s Director of Machine Learning resigned due to the forced return to office work. Ian Goodfellow, who invented generative adversarial networks (GANs) and wrote this book deeplearningbook.org, was previously a top AI guy at Google, and can probably hold any job he wants (MacRumors).

📨 Microsoft’s new ‘One Outlook’ email client for Windows is starting to leak out (The Verge).

💰 NVIDIA pays $5.5 million to settle SEC charges, for not reporting GPU sales were to “volatile” crypto miners, not gamers (Engadget).

💻 China is ordering governments at all levels to remove “foreign” PCs: Replacing as many as 50 million within two years. A lot to unpack there… (Bloomberg).

👉 How RISC-V will win: The non-profit RISC-V International talks about overseeing the open-source processor technology, industry adoption, and how it’ll win over the likes of Intel (The Register).

🚔 Tesla sues former engineer for allegedly stealing its supercomputer’s secrets (The Verge).

🚗 Some BMWs are shipping without Android Auto or CarPlay to avoid delays: an OTA update will come in June (Engadget).

🛫 Here’s why flying sucks right now: understaffing, basically (Jalopnik).

🌻 Who are Instagram’s infertility influencers really helping? (Wired).

📺 Museum rigs up multi-screen N64 GoldenEye to prevent “screencheating” (Ars Technica).

🤔 “You find yourself in a room with everything you’ve ever lost in your life. What do you look for first?” (r/askscience).

Have a great start to your Google I/O week and catch you on Friday,