Certainly So Announces Sophomore Studio Album 'Dreams of Green'

2022-05-14 23:50:55 By : Ms. Ann Hu

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This summer, Birmingham-bred, Nashville-based indie-folk quartet Certainly So will invite listeners on a road trip for the ages with the release of their sophomore album, Dreams of Green arriving July 1.

A delightfully bite-sized companion to its 2021 predecessor, Future Self Only Dreams, the group's self-professed "mini LP" swells with illustrative verse, winsome arrangements, and poignant motifs that resonate far beyond the 30 minute listen. Today, the group is proud to share a music video for the sprightly first track "Daydreams" which will be released to digital streaming platforms this Friday.

Lifelong comrades in music and friendship, founding members Tanner Gray and Colby Wilson exude an impenetrable creative chemistry that only ripens with time. The breadth of their collaboration spans over a decade of writing, performing, and maturing in their central Alabama hometown. The pair's complementary vocal stylings bode well for potent harmonies and intuitive compositions that leave a lasting impression, brought to life by the percussive contributions of Chase Porter and Zach Corder.

Last year, the group debuted their first studio release, Future Self Only Dreams to warm reception. Sweetened with indie-rock sensibilities reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, The Brook & The Bluff, and other contemporary favorites, the band's initial effort quickly bolstered them as an emerging talent. With their latest offering in tow, the group showcases impressive versatility by journeying further into the country and western canon.

Loaded with springy bass lines, boisterous choruses, and heaps of twang, Dreams of Green rides like a '67 Volkswagen on a carefree summer day. The well-paced collection loosely postulates a road trip that carries the listener from the enclaves of the south to the vast shorelines of the West Coast - complete with radio chatter and the gentle hum of an engine. The album's breezy overture, "Jackie and Andy," positions a pair of characters at opposite ends of the country, setting the tone for a saga of soul searching and adventure.

Following a brief interlude on the dial ("The Mash FM"), the record continues with an infectious sing-along, "Daydreams," which perfectly captures the euphoria of being blissfully in love. Tasteful embellishments including an upbeat horn section, whistling, and clapping enhance the work with a personal touch, while the album continues to oscillate between tender confessions and cheerful reprieve.

With each passing tune, the group's western influences become all the more apparent. Masterfully timed with the geographic movement of the storyline, nods to classic country and folk tides infuse the record with a timeless feeling. Standouts like "Holy Roller" and "Song and Dance" call to mind the work of Marty Robbins, while traces of cosmic and gospel hue lift the collection into the present day.

Drawing the curtain on their originals is the stoic track, "Far From Home" (the first song written and sung by Certainly So bassist Chase Porter), which denotes the unraveling of a relationship and the peaceful resignation of leaving the past behind. Its delicate display completes the record with a satisfying resolution and a renewed sense of hope despite enduring uncertainties.

The group bids farewell with a choice cover, "I Still Miss Someone" (originally written and performed by Johnny Cash and Roy Cash, Jr.), which echoes with rich vocal unity and leaves listeners on a sentimental note.

Stalwart, vast, and wholly unique, Dreams of Green begs for a repeat listen. On the forthcoming release, Certainly So fills every space with intention and sincerity, and exhibits a confidence that is far beyond their years as an outfit. The album is set for release on Friday, July 1st. The focus track "Daydreams" will be distributed to digital streaming platforms tomorrow, May 13th.

Watch the new music video here:

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