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STARKVILLE - Mississippi State (25-22, 9-14) tries to salvage a game of a three-game series with Florida (28-18, 10-13). The Gators jumped out to a big lead on Friday and secured a win despite a strong comeback by the Diamond Dawgs. On Saturday, Florida used a six-run 9th inning to pull away from the Bulldogs after State tied the game 3-3 in the 7th.

Mississippi State's post season fortunes are on the rocks right now. State will need a miraculous finish to pull themselves back into the conversation for an NCAA bid. There is a good chance that the Bulldogs need to win the SEC tournament in order to advance to an NCAA regional for the sixth straight season.

The Bulldogs will send Cade Smith (4-2, ERA 4.20) to the mound today. Smith has stared 11 games and has 60 innings pitched on the season. Walks have been an issue as of late as his K/BB ratio has settled around two-to-one.

Florida will counter with sophomore RHP Nick Pogue (2-2, 6.35 ERA). Pogue has appeared in six games with five starts. He has just 11.1 innings pitched on the season and is expected to serve as the team's opener.

Langford called strike, fouled away, ground out to second. Great play by RJ. One day

Thompson called strike, make it two 0-2, ball down, ball up, ball up to run it full and it's a walk.

Fabian ball one, swinging 1-1, called strike two, swinging K, two down

Riopelle ball one, ball two, called strike, called strike 2-2, ball three to run it full, fouled away, fouled back, fouled and it's a swinging strike to retire the side.

Yeager strike one called, strike two, ball one 1-2, fouled away, ball two, and it's a full count. Fly ball to deep center caught on the track, one down

James called strike one, ball, strike two called, ball two, ball up is called strike three. two down

Hancock ball down, ball away, swinging strike, singled to center

Tanner ball up 1-0, ball away 2-0, ball down 3-0, takes a strike 3-1, breaking ball up for the walk. State with a two-out rally.

Hines change up in for strike one, ball down 1-1, fouled the change back 1-2, popped up and they lose it in the sun, run scores 1-0

Cumbest strike one called, ball away 1-1, they try to pick off Hines at first. they call him out, but they will review. looks like he's out. 

Caglianone ball, foul 1-1, singled back up the middle. 

Evans ball one, ball two, strike one called, off the wall in right for a double, runner holds at third. 

Armstrong swinging strike one, lined right at RJ. he has it, both runners scurry back. one down

Rivera ball away 1-0 check swing no 2-0, called strike 2-1, ground ball to short, State will trade the run for the out, two down 1-1

Halter ball one, rolled out to first, Luke has it and steps on the bag to retire the side. 

Cumbest pulled foul outside of third 0-1, ball down 1-1, fouled back 1-2, swing and a miss one down

Clark swinging strike, fouled away, K swinging, two down

Davis up and away called strike one, wow! fouled away 0-2, pulled inside the line at 1st and he can handle it, Davis with a single

Forsythe shows bunt pulls it back 1-0, called strike not a strike 1-1, swing and a miss 1-2, runner goes, looks safe, called out. Looks like this crew is off to a bad start

Langford ball one, singled into left 

Thompson ball one, ball two, strike one called, missed down 3-1. ball down and it's a walk. not a great start to the inning. 

Fabian showed bunt takes ball one, slider misses wide, gets away, runners hold. challenged him with the fastball, fouled back 2-1, called strike two at the knees, 2-2. change up fades away to run the count full. blows the fastball by him K, one down.

Riopelle change up in for strike one, singled into right, runner holds at third, bases loaded.

Caglianone swing at a ball in the dirt. rolled to third and it's a 5-4-3 double play to retire the side.

Forsythe called strike, ball one 1-1, called strike two, ball two 2-2, grounded out to second and the play is made at first.

Yeager foul, ball, doubled into left center

James ball, ball up 2-0, ball up 3-0, strike one called 3-1, change up floats in for strike two, fouled back, swing and a miss for the K two down

Hancock strike one called, fly out to left to end the inning

Evans ball, foul swinging strike popped up and Lane has it with no issue one down

Armstrong strike, ball short fly to left, two down

Rivera fouled away, dropped into center for a single. 

Halter rolled toward short and he can't make the play E6

Langford ball down, ball away 2-0, swing and a miss 2-1, can or corn to center and Davis has it to retire the side

Tanner swing and a miss 0-1, ball one away 1-1, strike two called 1-2, fouled down the right field line, popped up behind first one down

Hines change up popped up on the infield, way out in front of it, two down.

Cumbest ball one, strike one called 1-1, ball down 2-1, fouled away 2-2, popped up into short left and it's caught to end the inning. three pop ups. 

Ground ball to the right side. fielded and tossed to Smith who cover, one down

Fabian strike looking, ball one 1-1, fouled away, ball two 2-2, K swinging, two down

Riopelle ball, foul lined out to center to retire the side.

Clark hit a ton to left caught near the wall and caught, one down

Davis strike one called, ball one, ball two and another 3-1, swinging strike to run it full, fouled away fly out to center, two down

Forsythe ball one, lined over everyone in the left field gap for a double. 

Yeager ball one, fouled back 1-1, he got under it and it's a fly ball to center to end the inning

Caglianone ball one, strike one called, strike two 1-2, bounced one up there 2-2, K swinging ball gets loose, but LT guns him down at first. 

Evans strike one called, ball down, pulled foul 1-2, check swing yes, K two down. 

Armstrong strike one, ball away 1-1, swing and a miss 1-2, ball up 2-2, swing and a miss to retire the side

Fisher Jameson will be the new Florida pitcher

James ball up 1-0, strike one called 1-1, swings over the breaker 1-2, breaking ball in for a called third strike. one down.

Hancock strike one called 0-1, ball in the dirt 1-1, ball down 2-1, ball in 3-1, rolled out to first, he grabs and steps on the bag. two down

Tanner fly out to short right for the third out. 

Rivera ball down 1-0, strike one called 1-1. rolled out to short and Lane makes the play, one down.

Halter pulled foul 0-1, strike called 0-2, rolled out to RJ who throws on to first, two down.

Langford rolled to third, throw is high, but Luke comes down with it on the bag to retire the side.

Hines fastball popped up on the infield and it's caught for one down. 

Cumbest swings well over the breaking ball 0-1, takes a fastball down the middle 0-2, ball up 1-2, breaking ball in 2-2, ground ball to third, diving stop and the throws him out, two down

Clark ball down 1-0, ball down 2-0, make it three 3-0, get me over strike is in 3-1, ball down for a walk

Davis takes strike one, lazy fly ball to center for the out to end the inning

Pico Kohn is the new Bulldog pitcher. 

Thompson fouled out of play 0-1, strike two 0-2, change up just missed 1-2, fouled down, solo HR to right 2-1 UF

Fabian check swing yes. not sure why we had to appeal that, but we did 0-1, bunted foul 0-2, ball one called, swing and a miss on a ball down. K one down.

Riopelle fouled away, tried to bunt foul, now he says it hit him. it didn't but we have to talk about it anyway. strike two. Pico gets him swinging, two down

Caglianone ball one, slow roller foul, 1-1, strike two, short fly to center for the third out

Forsythe strike one called, swing and a miss 0-2, ball down 1-2, takes a change up for strike three, one down. not a good at bat. he's been better lately, but that wasn't one of the better takes. 

Yeager rolled out to short, he makes the play, close play, but he's out. two down 

James takes a breaker for strike one 0-1, ball away 1-1, pulled foul, breaking ball in the dirt 2-2, fouled another breaker back. one hopper to third and the play is made. 

Jackson Fristoe is the new pitcher. 

Evans strike one called, 0-1, ball up 1-1, grounded to third and Kam makes a nice play to first, one down.

Armstrong ball one, check swing yes no appeal necessary 1-1, ball down 2-1, ball down 3-1, breaking ball in for strike two, ball four down, LT wanted it, but it was down.

Rivera strike one called 0-1, runner goes, high chopper over the mound and everyone is safe. 

Halter ball down 1-0, ball down 2-0, swing and a miss 2-1, ball down 3-1, ball away and the bases are loaded.

Langford swing and a miss on a the breaker 0-1, ball up 1-1, poked into right field and two runs score. 4-1 UF

Thompson ball away 1-0, swing and a miss 1-1. ball down 2-1, fouled back 2-2, ripped into right and two more runs are home 6-1 UF. That will be all for Fristoe. Drew Talley comes on

Fabian ball away 1-0, strike one called 1-1, ball down 2-1, called strike two 2-2, runner goes, strike three and it's a strike em out throw em out to retire the side. 

Hancock ball up 1-0, ball up 2-0, strike one called, 2-1 lined toward the gap in right, but it's run down. one down.

Tanner solo HR 6-2 UF

Hines fouled back, grounded out to first, he has it and steps on the bag, two down.

Cumbest ball down 1-0, grounded out to third, he has to hurry and he throws it away. Cumbest takes second

Clark swings over the change 0-1, ball down 1-1, fly ball to left and that's the ball game.

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